Expert Witness

Brief Bio

As a research psychologist focused on forensic issues, Dr. Drouin is an active researcher on psychological issues related to the law. She has a broad knowledge base in the major psychological concepts encountered in the courtroom (e.g., false memories, eyewitness testimony, fundamental attribution error), and has specific expertise in the areas of internet sex offending and alcohol, memory, and sexual consent. Further, Dr. Drouin conducts forensic linguistic analyses of written evidence (e.g., to measure deception, reasoning, dominance, etc.) and has used statistical modeling of language-based evidence to estimate recidivism of sex sting offenders. [Publications available upon request.]

She has experience in writing affidavits, depositions, and trial testimony, and she has served as an expert witness on both constitutional law cases and criminal cases involving sexting, social media, sexual solicitation, and online deception.

Areas of Expertise

  • Linguistic analysis of text-based communication (e.g., text messages, IM messages, emails); computer crimes
  • Sex offenders
  • Recidivism of sex offenders
  • Alcohol, memory, and sexual consent
  • Deception
  • Sexual coercion and victimization